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Black Lives Matter street mural now on display along Indiana Avenue

Aug 11, 2020

A Black Lives Matter mural was created by local Indianapolis artists Aug. 1 and sits on the north side of IUPUI’s campus.

Located on Indiana Avenue between Blackford Street and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street, the mural was approved by the City-County Council in a resolution condemning racism.

The location of the mural was purposefully chosen because of the area’s historic significance to the Black community and because the Madam Walker Legacy Center and Indianapolis Urban League buildings bookend the location. The street will be closed to vehicular traffic until Labor Day.

On Aug. 9, the mural was defaced with paint. At the time this gallery was published, the artists behind the mural were discussing whether to repaint the mural.

These pictures taken by Indiana University photographer Liz Kaye on Aug. 7 show the detailed artwork as intended.

a panoramic view of the Black Lives Matter street art
a closeup of the letter M of the Black Lives Matter street art
names of victims of police brutality on the Black Lives Matter street art
three faces painted on a street mural
art from a Black Lives Matter mural that says vote
a silhouette of a lion and tree painted in one of the letters of the Black Lives Matter mural
detail from the Black Lives Matter mural


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