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Welcome back: The start of the fall semester in photos

Sep 9, 2020

Tens of thousands of Indiana University students started fall classes the week of Aug. 24. Images from IU’s campuses across the state illustrate what the start of the semester was like for students, faculty and staff. Take a look.

a masked woman points a masked student to a table of T-shirts
two masked people bump elbows in greeting

Photos by IU Southeast; Liz Kaye, Indiana University; IU Kokomo

a student crosses the street past a digital sign that says stop the spread
a person smiling and a person wearing a mask look out a car window

Photos by Chris Meyer, Indiana University; IU East; Cory Iwaszewski

A man wearing a mask stands before new medical students wearing white coats.
IU Northwest Chancellor Ken Iwama welcomes first-year medical students to the campus.Photo by Emily Banas, IU Northwest


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