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3 reasons to use the Bepko Learning Center

Sep 15, 2020
The front desk of the Bepko Learning Center.
The Bepko Learning Center has proven it can help IUPUI students achieve success in the classroom.Photo by Liz Kaye, Indiana University

The saying goes that college is the best four years of your life, but the reality is that college can also be difficult. A juggling act between school, social life and extracurriculars, the four years present a challenge to succeed in all areas.

As far as academics go, IUPUI students can find assistance through the Bepko Learning Center. Here are three things to know about the BLC and the services it provides.

Tutoring services

Students who need assistance in a particular course can access the Bepko Learning Center’s tutoring services. The Office of Tutoring Services serves all IUPUI undergraduate students by connecting them with departmental tutoring assistance, with a major focus on gateway courses and general education courses. If you need a tutor, the office will help you find a free tutor. If no free tutors are available, the center will then help you find a private tutor.

IUPUI students who want to serve as a paid tutor can view the requirements and sign up online at the same website. All tutor information can be found online.

Academic mentoring services

The Bepko Learning Center has had proven success with its academic mentoring services. Designed to provide quality academic support programming for select courses, the Office of Academic Mentoring recruits and trains IUPUI students to serve as mentors for their peers.

The process works: The office reports that 35 percent of students are more likely to achieve an A or B if they attend at least nine voluntary mentoring sessions. The office also found that students who attended five or more sessions achieved a higher GPA than those who did not.

Success coaching

The Bepko Learning Center also provides success coaching to help students learn better study skills. Success coaches are posted at the front desk of the BLC, where they provide information regarding academic support programs, tutoring and campus resources. The success coaches help students identify their goals and create an action plan to reach them. They also help students develop effective study skills.

The Bepko Learning Center is located on the second floor of Taylor Hall and can be contacted via email at To learn more about all three services, visit the Bepko Learning Center online. The BLC is also active on social media – search for @iupuiblc.


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