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Vote for your favorite in the holiday dorm door decoration contest

Dec 16, 2021

The holidays are almost here, and Jaguars have gone all out decorating their dorm doors. Check out all of their fun and festive creations.

This is just a preview, but you can vote for your favorite on IUPUI’s Instagram, @iupui. The winner will get a Jag swag pack!

door with Christmas tree
Photo provided by Ciara York
door with fireplace and stockings
Photo provided by Connor Phutawon
door with wreath and garland
Photo provided by Rena Fordham
door decorated with snowflakes
Photo provided by Emma Seewald
door with a snowman
Photo provided by Courtney Sensing and Hanna Gorden
door with fire place and stockings
Photo provided by Grace Allen and Teryn McDermott
door with wreath and stockings
Photo provided by Zeena Frageman
door with wreath and truck
Photo provided by Angelina Valente and Carli Richard
door with wrapping paper and ornaments
Photo provided by Izzy Shelton, Gabrielle Barker, and Taylor Phelps
door with Santa and reindeer
Photo provided by Natalie Holmes


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