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VIDEO: Try snacks from around the world for IUPUI’s International Festival

Feb 9, 2022

Explore cultures around the world with IUPUI’s International Festival, Feb. 14 to 18. The Office of International Affairs is holding both in-person and online events throughout the week to celebrate IUPUI’s global community.

Since the festival kicks off on Valentine’s Day, the first events focus on the theme “Love Around the World.” You can learn about how different cultures celebrate love and try chocolate and snacks from around the world.

We took a sneak peek at some of the snacks and gave them a try.

Description of the following video:

Student, Chloe Phillips, sits at a table with a mug and snacks from around the world. “Hi, my name is Chloe Phillips and I am a sophomore at IUPUI in the Kelley School of Business. I’m trying foods from around the world in preparation for International Festival.” Fades to black. On-screen text: Jag Hacks Trying International Festival Treats. Photos of a rice cookie, chocolate snacks and shrimp chips. Chloe holds a chocolate bar. “The first thing I’m trying today is milk chocolate with chopped hazelnuts from Ritter Sport. This is out of Germany.” Chloe opens the chocolate and takes a bite. “There’s little chopped hazelnuts in it. Very good. The next flavor from the same company is the milk chocolate with cornflakes. These are the same, precut into four little sections. It’s good. It’s like Frosted Flakes cereal in chocolate.” Chloe unwraps the next snack, Vickie. “The next thing I’m trying is a victory pie and this is out of Korea.” Image of chocolate covered treat in the top left corner. “This one is strawberry flavored.” Chloe takes a bite. “It has a similar taste to a strawberry pop tart with chocolate. Pretty good.” Wipe to Chloe holding a bag of chips. “This is a shrimp chip and this is another South Korean favorite snack food.” Image of shrimp chip in the top left corner. Chloe shows the camera an individual white oval chip. “They look very crispy. It’s very soft compared to an American style chip, but I really like the texture of this. And it does have nice flavor too it and it’s not too overbearing. I really like this one.” Chloe takes another bite. Wipe to Chloe holding a pack of instant coffee. “I’m now trying an instant coffee from Cafe Mazel, which is a South Korean company.” Image of coffee package and IUPUI coffee mug appear in the top left corner. “This is a french vanilla coffee flavor.” Chloe stirs the powder in hot water and takes a drink. “This is pretty good. It doesn’t really need any cream or sugar. I do like my coffee not super sweet so this is perfect for what I like. It has just enough vanilla flavor.” Cut to Chloe holding a round rice snack. “The next one I’m trying is a syrup coated senbei from Korea.” Image of cream colored rice snack in the top left corner. Chloe opens the package and breaks off a piece. “It’s a rice cake- that’s what it looks like. It’s just a little bit sweet, but it’s pretty good. I think I’m tied for favorites. The hazelnut chocolate and coffee were both pretty awesome to me. The most unique one, which I love, is the shrimp chips.” Chloe picks up the chip bag. “I’m excited I got to try all these different types of food from around the world. You can all experience these snacks and more next week at the International Festival!” Video fades to black. IUPUI logo emerges with the university’s website:
international chocolate snacks

Snacks from Mexico, Germany, South Korea and more will be given out in the Campus Center from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Feb. 14. They will be part of the festival-in-a-bag, which will also include an international recipe and surprise goodies.

Other events include discussions with international faculty, and opportunities to learn about global careers, sustainability efforts and ways you can get involved.

Check out the full event schedule and help us celebrate our global community.


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