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ITLC presents annual awards

The IT Leadership Community recognizes the work of IU IT professionals at 2023 Statewide IT Conference

News and events May 4, 2023

The IT Leadership Community (ITLC) is a group of like-minded IT professionals at Indiana University with formal or informal leadership training and an interest in continuing the growth of leadership in themselves and other IT professionals at IU.  

ITLC recognizes the work of IT professionals at IU through the ITLC Technologist Recognition Program. Each year, ITLC presents the following awards:   

  • Promise of the Future given to an IT professional with fewer than 8 years of experience in IU IT 
  • Spirit of Leadership given to an IT professional with 8 or more years of experience in IU IT 
  • Champion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion given to an IT professional internal or external to UITS 
  • IT Leadership Team Collaboration given to a formal or informal IU IT unit or team 
  • Champion of Leadership Development given to an IT professional internal or external to UITS 

The program aims to build a sense of community and pride among IT staff, recognize outstanding leaders at all levels and increase awareness of IT projects and accomplishments at IU. The ITLC Technologist Recognition Program is open to all IT professionals at IU regardless of campus, school, or department. 

The 2023 winners

Here are the ITLC award winners and a brief message from their nominators. 

Champion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion award: Melanie Ebdon  

Melanie Ebdon is a staunch supporter and advocate for inclusion at IU who leads her team with a DEI focus. Her willingness to teach others how to lead while prioritizing and championing DEI has made her a mentor and role model to many. Melanie has a commitment to pushing for essential changes at all levels of the IT community at IU and inspires me to do better at every opportunity. 

Melanie Ebdon at 2023 ITLC Awards Melanie Ebdon poses with award

IT Leadership Team Collaboration award: Center of Excellence for Women & Technology team 

The Center of Excellence for Women & Technology prepares women to be future IT and technology professionals and leaders, including IU students, staff, faculty. They empower women nationally, internationally, and historically through marketing, awards, speakers, programming, and storytelling.

Center of Excellence for Women & Technology team at 2023 ITLC Awards Center of Excellence for Women & Technology team

Promise of the Future award: Leila Randle

Whenever Leila sees problems in process or approach, she isn’t afraid to bring them up and has the skillset to help solve them. She’s spearheaded process integral to success as we grow to meet President Whitten’s IU2030 plan pillars. When she succeeds, she brings others along with her. She is always ready to help others learn new skills.

Leila Randle and colleagues at 2023 ITLC Awards Leila Randle (second from left) poses with her award and a group of colleagues

Spirit of Leadership award: Jesse Oakes 

Jesse Oakes’ leadership style is focused entirely on empowering other people. He serves as a role model for ethical behavior, clarity in communication, equity, and inclusion. This is true both for his direct reports, the IT Community at IU, and his colleagues in the IT Leadership Community. Jesse truly embodies the Spirit of Leadership.

Champion of Leadership award: Madeleine Gonin 

Madeleine Gonin is a true champion of leadership development. She has served as a role model for the leadership community, dedicating countless hours to the ITLC through volunteer work as chair of the ITLC Board, and collaborating with other ITLC groups. Madeleine is gifted at empowering others to lead from where they are, driving engagement, and making everyone feel welcomed and included. 

Jesse Oakes, David Goldberg, and Madeline Gonin at 2023 ITLC Awards David Goldberg (center) poses with ITLC award winners Jesse Oakes (left) and Madeline Gonin (right)

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