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CFP: Jetstream/Exosphere Hackathon

Contribute to the hackathon and receive a cool Tee and stipend. Opportunities for programmers and non-programmers alike.

Research and discovery Oct 23, 2020

Call for Participants: Jetstream/Exosphere Virtual Hackathon
October, 26, 2020 to November 30, 2020
About Exposphere and Jetstream
The Exosphere Project and Jetstream Cloud are hosting an open-source virtual hackathon!

 Jetstream Cloud offers powerful, flexible cloud computing resources for science and engineering research. Exosphere is an open-source software project that provides the most user-friendly interface for Jetstream and
 other research cloud infrastructure.

Make the Exosphere user experience better -  to enable scientists to accomplish more with research clouds.
Participation bonus

All participants will receive a T-shirt for one quality contribution, plus a $50 stipend (for the first 50 participants) once two quality contributions are made. Participants should contribute via merge request to the Exosphere project during the event period. Your qualifying merge request must attempt to solve a documented issue in the Exosphere repository. Follow the “quality over quantity” standard for contributions. 

Jetstream Cloud accounts will be available for development and testing purposes, and the core project developers will be available by text and video chat throughout the hackathon for guidance and tutoring.
Get hacking!

To participate, please sign up before or during the hackathon by creating a new issue on the GitLab project
 with the title “Hackathon signup.” 

In the issue description, tell us a bit about yourself. Feel free to browse issues tagged with our “Good First Issue” label, and tell us which issue(s) you’d like to work on. We’ll get you a test account on Jetstream Cloud, and if you’d like, we’ll try to match you
 with an issue that fits your skills and interest.

 Exosphere is written in Elm, a pure functional programming language for building user interfaces. If you’re new to Elm, that’s okay! The official Elm tutorial will help get you up to speed, and the Exosphere developers can help with any tricky parts you encounter. We also have documentation-related tasks that don’t require writing any code, so even if you have little or no programming experience, we can find a way for you to contribute.

Jetstream is the first production science and engineering research cloud system for the nation, funded by the National Science Foundation.

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