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Fall 2022 tech stats

Fall 2022 statistics regarding technology use during the first week of class

News and events Aug 31, 2022

IU kicked off the 2022-2023 school year with the largest freshman class in IU’s history. During the month of August, IU campuses across the state came to life with new and returning students, the beginning of classes, and the exciting possibility of new experiences. 

We at UITS would like to commend the IU students, staff, and faculty for making it through the first week of classes. and would like to share some relevant statistics with you all about IU technology use during the first week of the fall semester. IU’s tech played a big part in the successful start to fall 2022 and it was in high demand. 

During the first week of the fall semester (8/22-8/26) there were: 

  • 243,190 unique devices connected to the IU network 
  • 11,445 CrimsonCash transactions totaling $266,974.42 (not including meal plan transactions) 
  • 1642 CrimsonCard support contacts 
  • 5,021 Microsoft Teams meetings 
  • 233,032 Teams Chat messages 
  • 466,343 Teams Audio minutes 
  • 27.7M inbound emails 
  • 7.1M malicious emails blocked (> 500K spam emails detected) 
  • 4.2M emails sent (to non-IU recipients) 
  • 1.3M Canvas sessions  
  • 29,679 Zoom meetings 
  • 131,393 Zoom participants 
  • 5.5M videoconferencing minutes 

Have a great year and as always, please reach out to your campus IT Support Center for help with IT at IU. Additionally, please visit our Get help online or our Knowledge Base website for more services and support. 

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