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It’s our shot, Hoosiers

Rob Lowden, IU vice president for IT, gets his first COVID-19 vaccination—and urges you do too

News and events Apr 2, 2021

It’s your shot. Take it.

Everyone in Indiana ages 16+ are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. Visit to schedule for yourself or a family member.

That’s what Rob Lowden recently did. As IU’s vice president for IT and chief information officer, Lowden knows that getting vaccinated puts us all one step closer to herd immunity, which public health experts say is 75 percent of the population vaccinated.

Roll up your sleeves!

VP Rob Lowden gets his first COVID-19 jab.

“On Tuesday, I was happy to roll up my sleeve and receive my first COVID-19 vaccination. I decided to get mine to protect myself, my family, and the larger community. Our future certainly looks brighter knowing that more than 1 million Hoosiers have been fully vaccinated and another 1.5 million more have received one dose,” Lowden said.

Here are a few more reasons to take your shot:

The vaccines are effective.
Being vaccinated will help protect you from the risk of severe COVID-19 and will significantly protect you from getting the virus at all.

The vaccines are safe.
Clinical trials and CDC data collected from over 2 million people have found the vaccines to be safe, and all available vaccines are authorized for emergency use by the FDA.

A boost back to normal.
Vaccines offer us the best chance to learn, gather and celebrate together in the ways we all miss.

Supports the health of those you love.
Your vaccine decision is a decision in support of the well-being of your family and friends.

Variants are on the rise.
Newer COVID-19 strains are of special concern and the vaccine may offer important protection.

Still have questions? Here are some additional resources:

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