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IU HPC storage just got a whole lot better

IU high performance computing users should take note of upgrades to Geode Project and Geode home directory.

News and events Research and discovery Oct 15, 2020

Introducing the new and improved Geode!

Since 2012, Geode, the disk-based online storage service, has provided home directory and project space for Indiana University research computing systems. Geode lives in the IU Bloomington and IUPUI data centers. As an IU HPC user of Geode, you are given an initial home directory quota of 100 GB and an 800K file limit.

What’s new with Geode?

  • Upgraded software – GPFS 3.5 to Spectrum Scale (GPFS) 4.2
  • Storage increase from 1.2 PB to 3.6 PB of expandable storage to meet your future storage needs
  • Brand-new infrastructure that provides an I/O that’s approximately five times faster
  • Geode-Project access that can now be managed with ADS 

Geode-Project project spaces

Geode now offers the Geode-Project project spaces, a fee-based storage service that supports collaboration between IU researchers. It can easily replace your current storage system, whether it is a Network Attached Storage appliance or similar. Our team can assist you in determining your storage needs and set up storage for $.20/GB/yr.

Helpful links and resources

To keep up to date with the features, functions, and best practices of Geode home directory, review these IU Knowledge Base articles:

Questions should be directed to:


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