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Tech at IU, fall 2022 edition

We’ve made some important changes, and here’s what you need to know

News and events Aug 5, 2022

College is hard, we get it. At University Information Technology Services (UITS), though, we work to make tech easy for you.  

Indiana University has undergone a lot of changes over the summer. From campus construction to new staff and faculty, IU is constantly evolving to create a place where students can do their best work. Technology is a huge part of that equation. 

Here are important tech updates to know about: 

IU Exchange email migration  

  • To safeguard student data, all student email has migrated from Gmail to Microsoft Exchange.  
  • This means you no longer have access to the Gmail accounts associated with your IU email.  
  • Don’t worry, you do still have access to Google-related apps like Google Drive, Google Photos, and Google Jamboard. 
  • With students, faculty and staff on the same email platform, it will be easier to schedule meetings, update address books, and prevent important “I know the paper is due today, but can I have an extension” emails from being marked as spam.  
  • Access your account: To find more information on the Exchange email migration, please visit the IU Knowledge Base page. 

More security for that new email situation 

  • IU has been working on adding an extra layer of security for logging into Exchange Online. 
  • This update may affect a small percentage of the IU population from accessing their email on mobile devices.  
  • If you receive a message saying, “Your email access has been blocked,” you may need to complete a profile reset.  
  • Don’t panic: you can still access your email though other means such as through on a laptop, tablet, or the desktop computer your parents have had since 2004.  
  • Find out how to reset your profile: This Knowledge Base page goes into more detail on this added layer of security. 

The Duo Two-Step Authentication “glow up” 

  • Duo is no longer able to call or text a number to access two-step authentication.  
  • Instead, you must authenticate logins via push notifications on the Duo mobile app or through a reusable specialty hardware token.  
  • Stop by a walk-in Support Center: These tokens are distributed for free by the Support Center and very easy to lose, so please keep track of them! And please don’t forget to visit this IT News article which goes into more detail on this change. 

Friendly reminder: beware of phishing 

  • Everyone at IU, especially new students, are vulnerable targets for phishing emails.  
  • These emails can come from a variety of sources, even other IU accounts that have been phished, and can try to steal a range of personal information, like your Social Security Number, credit card information, or Neopets login and password!  
  • Protect yourself by verifying emails you receive and exercising caution when clicking on links. 
  • Check out This is our comprehensive and helpful guide to deal with phishing at Indiana University. 
That’s about enough changes for now. Any questions? Chat, call, or email your campus IT Support Center. And don’t forget to visit the UITS Student Guide and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more helpful info! 

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