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UITS Monitor: IU tech helps you succeed

Monitor newsletter Jan 10, 2023
IU tech helps you succeed.

UITS news for January 10, 2023

IU tech helps you succeed

IU provides the IT resources you need to be successful at IU. Get connected with high-speed Wi-Fi, Two-Step Login, and the IU Mobile app. Find the tools you need like Canvas, Zoom, and iGPS. Get the help you need with 24/7 IT support and the Knowledge Base. Prepare for the future with IT Training. Stay secure with emergency alerts.

Tech tips for students

LastPass breach puts you at risk

Over break, the password manager LastPass announced a serious data breach that exposed encrypted passphrase vaults.

If you use LastPass to store passwords, please update any stored passwords immediately, prioritizing IU passwords and personal high-risk accounts such as banking credentials. Also plan a transition to another passphrase manager, as LastPass security practices seem inadequate to mediate this kind of risk.

More about the LastPass breach

Upcoming Google storage deadlines

If you wish to continue to use Google Shared Drives, by today, you must request paid access, or your data storage will be set to zero.

On January 24, all Google at IU My Drive accounts will have a 5 GB quota. Check your usage and move or delete files as needed.

Learn more about the changes to storage in Google at IU

Microsoft 365 on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Join IT Training as they talk about different Microsoft 365 topics every Tuesday and Thursday. Upcoming January webinars include Understanding Storage, Text Communication and Collaboration, and for faculty and staff Getting Started with Telephony.

Browse courses at the IT Training Upcoming Events page

Tech tips for faculty and staff

New to IU or need a refresher on tech at IU? The Faculty Tech Guide or the Staff Tech Guide will help you get connected, find the resources and discounts you want, be IT secure, and find the IT Training and support you need.

Go to IU Tech Guides

Spring 2023 EdCert classes underway

EdCert courses from Microsoft, CompTIA, and more are offered substantially below costs of the same courses in the public sector. Register by January 11 for January 18 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. Register by January 18 for January 20 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals. Register by January 18 for January 23-27 CompTIA Server+.  Classes are online and 9am-4pm Eastern Time.

Find out more about EdCert and register

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