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UITS Monitor: Student email moving to Microsoft Exchange Online

Monitor newsletter Mar 9, 2022
Student email moving to Microsoft Exchange Online. Go to the FAQ to learn more.

UITS news for March 9, 2022

Student email moving to Microsoft Exchange Online

Change brings students, faculty, staff into same email provider.

Your email at IU is moving from Google to Microsoft Exchange Online. Starting May 17, Exchange Online will be the official university email for all IU students.

However, your current email address will not change. You will use the same username and passphrase, and you won’t have to sign up for a new account. You will keep your past messages, and you will still have access to Google at IU apps.

There are several reasons IU is making this change:

  • Having all students, faculty, and staff on the same email platform will allow students to make appointments more easily with faculty and staff in Exchange (aka Outlook).
  • The move will prevent the IU email system from delivering student emails to faculty/staff spam folders.
  • Microsoft’s email comes with advanced cybersecurity protection and is built into Microsoft 365 at IU.

See the FAQ for email migration info and timelines

Spring break Support Center and CrimsonCard hours

Check your local campus for its specific spring break changes.

Support Center and CrimsonCard hours may change during spring break. Check for adjusted hours at your local campus.

IUPUI Support Center spring break hours

  • ICTC
    • March 13: noon-4pm
    • March 14 – March 18: 8am-5pm
    • March 19: 9am-3pm
    • March 20: noon-4pm
    • March 21: Resume normal hours
  • Campus Center
    • March 14 – March 18:  closed

 IU Bloomington spring break hours

  • Support Center at Wells Library
    • March 12 – March 13: 1:15pm-4:30pm
    • March 14 – March 18: 8:30am-4:30pm
    • March 19 – March 20: 1:15pm-4:30pm
    • March 21: Resume normal hours
  • CrimsonCard hours at Wells Library
    • March 10 – March 20: closed

Support Center hours at all campuses

Job openings at the Support Center and CrimsonCard offices

Tech enthusiasts and night owls welcome.

The UITS Support Center and CrimsonCard office have several job opportunities available: search for the following Job ID numbers.

The following part-time positions are in IU Bloomington, IUPUI, and IU Northwest:

Part-Time Support Center Consultant – IUPUI – Job# 299047

Part-Time Support Center Consultant – IU Bloomington – Job# 299046

Part-Time Support Center Consultant – IUNW Gary – Job# 298983

The following full-time positions are in Bloomington:

Computer Assistant (IT User Support Technician) – Bloomington – Job# 298922

Computer Assistant (IT User Support Technician) – Bloomington – Job # 299015

Computer Coordinator (IT User Support Technician) – Bloomington – Job# 298894

Supervisor (IT User Support Specialist) – Bloomington – Job# 299012

Overnight Supervisor (IT User Support Specialist) – Bloomington – Job# 299040

CrimsonCard job openings:

Part-Time CrimsonCard Consultant – IU Bloomington – Job# 299104

Part-Time CrimsonCard Consultant – IUPUI – Job# 299105

Apply at

IU Northwest professors bringing virtual reality to the campus

See the world without leaving home.

A group of IU Northwest professors is working to implement virtual reality (VR) experiences into the university’s curriculum. Professor of English William Allegrezza has already begun to implement VR elements into his classes and is hoping to use VR to transport students to places around the world. He says the Northwest campus is among the trailblazers in VR technology.

The implementation of VR is just another way that the IU Northwest campus is a leader in top-quality education in the region, and throughout the state.

To find out more about how you can transition your interest in VR and other emerging technologies into a career, go to Digital Education Programs and Initiatives.

Summit on Women and Tech continues through March 31

Register to attend the 9th Annual Summit on Women and Tech.

In-person and virtual sessions feature a variety of topics through March 31 at the 9th Annual Summit on Women and Technology. The conference is free and open to all skill levels.

Find out more about the Summit on Women and Tech

Build your schedule for the annual Statewide IT Conference

Make it personal: choose sessions that speak to you.

The Statewide IT Conference 2022 is just around the corner. We’ve got informative and fun programming planned for you, so once you’ve registered, follow these steps to build your personal conference schedule:

  1. Visit the conference website and click on “Attendee Portal.”
  2. Click on “My Registered Sessions” in the left navigation of the Attendee Portal.
  3. Scroll down to “In-Person Events” and click “Register” to view a full description of each session. If you want to attend, confirm by clicking “Register” again in the pop-up window.
  4. The sessions you’ve registered for will appear at the top of your “My Registered Sessions” page. If you change your mind, click on the session, and then click the red “unregister” button in the pop-up window.

Cybersecurity features added to Exchange Online

As of May 17, Exchange Online will be the official university email for all IU students.

Beginning March 15, new security features, Safe Links and Safe Attachments, will be activated for everyone using Exchange Online. Safe Links helps protect users from malicious links that are used in phishing and other attacks. Similarly, Safe Attachments provides an additional layer of protection for email attachments.

Meanwhile, student email at IU is moving from Google to Microsoft Exchange Online. The switch, taking effect May 17, will bring students, faculty, and staff onto the same email platform and address issues with calendaring, address books, and spam filtering. 

See more about the student migration to Exchange

Still time to enjoy the Scholars Book Fair

Go in-person at IUPUI or choose the virtual option.

Relive the excitement of the school book fair at the Scholars Book Fair, where you’ll learn about affordable course materials from UITS Learning Technologies and campus librarians. Attend the Scholars Book Fair at IUPUI or virtually.

  • Virtual event for all regional campuses: Thursday, March 10. Register here.
  • IUPUI: Friday, March 11, 11am-1:30pm in Hine Hall, rooms 102, 106 (Idea Garden), and 118. 

One more thing: If you’re at IUPUI, consider attending the IUPUI Open Education Award during the Scholars Book Fair on March 11.

Learn about the Scholars Book Fair and register

IU has new bookstore partnership

No changes to IU eTexts ordering.

The IU Bookstore will soon be under new management. If you are an instructor who currently orders class materials through IU eTexts or are a staff member who orders on behalf of faculty, no action is required. Just order as you normally would.

If you have only ordered through Barnes and Noble in the past, now is the perfect time to switch to IU eTexts. Across all nine IU campuses, etexts are used in more than 3,500 classes by more than 1,700 faculty members. That works out to $7 million in combined savings to the 58,000+ students using etexts and other digital course materials.

Locate IU eTexts deadlines and timelines here

Be a mentor

Apply for the IT Leadership Community mentor program through March 21.

Whether you are seeking opportunities to learn or teach, grow or nurture, the IT Leadership Community (ITLC) Mentor Program welcomes you to apply through March 21.

Workshops are taking place today at 2pm and 2:45 and are being recorded if you are unable to attend live.

After March 21, a committee will meet to pair mentors and mentees. Previous pairings will continue as desired. The expected program start date is April 4 and will continue through the end of the year.

Find out more about being an ITLC mentor

Improve accessibility. Join the Ally Pilot

Find out about seven simple steps to ensure content is accessible.

Focus on the accessibility of your course content by learning to make inclusive content in as little as seven simple steps or by joining the Ally pilot. Ally, a Canvas plug-in powered by Anthology, will help you ensure your content is more accessible for all students.

Once activated, Ally will generate alternative formats for students to download, give you an accessibility score for your content, and provide tips on improving the accessibility of the Canvas course.

Submit your request to participate in the Ally pilot today

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