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UITS Monitor: Save $10 on a Grubhub delivery March 28-April 3

Monitor newsletter Mar 23, 2022
Save $10 on a Grubhub delivery March 28-April 3. Use your CrimsonCard with code IUSpring22.

UITS news for March 23, 2022

Spending too much on your grub?

Save $10 on a Grubhub delivery March 28-April 3.

Food delivery fees spiking your spring fever?  Lower the cost March 28-April 3 by taking $10 off your next Grubhub delivery order of $12 or more when you use your CrimsonCard with code IUSpring22.

Don’t have an account yet? You are missing out on your free Grubhub+ membership just for being a CrimsonCard holder. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download the Grubhub app and create an account
  2. Tap Account > Campus Dining > Select your specific IU campus
  3. Add CrimsonCash as a payment option by going to > Payment > Add new Payment
  4. Order and enjoy your food

Once you’re set up with Grubhub, make sure funds are in your CrimsonCash account.

More details about Grubhub and CrimsonCash

IU poised to protect systems against cyberattacks

IU offers new methods for protecting emails.

Recent warnings from the White House have raised concerns nationally about cybersecurity. IU is well poised to protect against cyberattacks and encourages the IU community to remain vigilant. 

IU is offering enhanced protection for emails and systems with the widespread use of two-factor authentication and the implementation of Microsoft Safe Links and Safe Attachments. These improvements to email security have reduced the emphasis on using digital certificates, which were deployed at IU in response to a significant phishing incident in 2016. Users may still use digital certificates, and external communications partners may require them in rare situations.

Meanwhile, everyone in the IU community is advised to be wary of suspicious emails, to be careful about what you click on, and to watch for Duo pushes you didn’t initiate. Remember to report suspicious activity.

Log into the KB to learn more about Microsoft 365 security

Accelerating high performance computing at IU

User accounts are available beginning April 4.

Big Red 200 is starting to help IU student and faculty researchers make discoveries in AI, medicine, cybersecurity, and hundreds of other disciplines. With Big Red 200, IU’s research community will be able to do research at a scale and speed that was previously impossible, empowering student success and helping IU to continue as a cutting-edge leader in research and discovery.

User accounts are available beginning April 4, 2022.

Learn more about Big Red 200

Tools you need to help you succeed

Microsoft 365 offers several features to help you be productive.  

As a student at IU, you have access to many Microsoft 365 at IU features that help you work faster and smarter. Schedule meetings, create and share documents, build presentations, and manage projects. Here are just a few tools at your fingertips to help you succeed.

  1. Write a paper with your voice
  2. Have your computer read to you
  3. Let your computer be your editor
  4. Solve math problems with OneNote
  5. Go paper free

As a reminder, student email accounts are moving to Exchange Online in May 2022, providing enhanced security and better integration with Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 apps.

More about Microsoft 365 at IU

The power of telling stories about women in STEM

IU Libraries to host March 29 panel discussion.  

Women working and studying in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) ​disciplines are encouraged to attend and share stories at a March 29 in-person panel hosted by IU Libraries on the Bloomington campus. 

The panel will feature the Queen of Physics, How Wu Chien, who wrote a picture book on unlocking the secrets of the atom.

Find out more about the March 29 panel discussion

Powering student success with IT and data

Dave O’Guinn to deliver the keynote at the 2022 Statewide IT Conference.

Dave O’Guinn, IU vice provost for student affairs and dean of students, will deliver the opening keynote of the 2022 Statewide IT Conference on April 12 at 9:30am in the IU Auditorium on the Bloomington campus. He will discuss the importance of IT and data in driving student engagement, retention, and success at IU.

The conference begins with an opening reception on April 11. Breakout sessions take place April 12-13 on the Bloomington campus.

Register now for the 2022 Statewide IT Conference

Lilly Library to host digital exhibit on African American history

Lilly to launch exhibit via Zoom on March 24 at 6pm.
Lilly Library will host a virtual event on March 24 to launch a digital exhibit highlighting events in African American history 1820-2020. The exhibit and the March 24 panel will explore the factors that have affected the abilities of African Americans to build wealth and access economic opportunities.
IU Libraries invites instructors to use and build on this resource in their teaching.
Register to attend the March 24 Zoom panel

What’s the impact of COVID-19 on women?

Find out at a March 25 reception featuring the latest research on COVID-19.

Connect with your faculty colleagues while enjoying wine and appetizers. You’ll hear a high-level summary of research about the impact of COVID on women, including faculty research productivity. Among the contributors, Jessica Calarco from the Department of Sociology, and a rep from the Gender Equity in Research Task Force.  

Join us for the Faculty Happy Hour Reception: COVID, Connections, and Conversations on March 25, 3 - 5 pm at IMU Garden on the Bloomington campus. 

Sign up for the Faculty Happy Hour on March 25

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