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UITS Monitor: April 20 is IU Day

Monitor newsletter Apr 21, 2022
Share your school spirit on social media with #IUDay

UITS news for April 21, 2022

April 20 is IU Day

Share about #IUDay on social media.

Get ready. IU Day starts at midnight. Students, alumni, faculty, and staff from around the world will celebrate their love of IU on April 20.

Show your Hoosier pride. Wear your cream and crimson. Use the hashtag #IUDay and share your best Hoosier memories.

IU Day is also an opportunity to win funds for your favorite IU cause through giving and social media challenges.

Find out more about IU Day 2022

IT staff gathering focuses on student success

More than 1,000 attendees networked at the 2022 Statewide IT Conference.

With a focus on helping students succeed, IU’s IT professionals met on the IU Bloomington campus for the 26th annual Statewide IT Conference April 11-13. Attendees met in person for the first time since 2019 due to the pandemic.

Keynote speaker Dave O’Guinn, vice provost for student affairs and dean of students at IU Bloomington, said IU technology helps students do their work and enjoy campus life. Among favorite apps mentioned by student leaders in a video O’Guinn showed were Duo, Canvas, IU Mobile, CrimsonCard, and IUanyWare. 

Read more about the 2022 Statewide IT Conference

IU wants your input on tech at IU

No specific IT skills are needed to serve on the Student Technology Advisory Committee.

IU wants your perspective about campus technology tools and services. UITS Student Outreach is actively recruiting for students to join the Student Technology Advisory Committees (STACs), starting up in fall 2022. No specific technology skills or experience are required.

Students will benefit by:

  • Having your voices heard and gaining a sense of ownership over the tech you use at IU
  • Learning about career opportunities and forming connections with UITS staff
  • Participating in an advisory role that will provide experience for future endeavors and boost your resume
  • Developing a fun, social environment with your peers to improve tech for students at IU

To learn more, contact UITS Student Outreach, briefly describe why you’re interested in STACs, and attach your resume so we can get to know you better.

Email UITS Student Outreach to join a STAC

Google storage changes are coming

Data limits in place by the end of 2022. 

Due to increased pricing from Google, the amount of data IU users can store in Google Drive will be changing at the end of this calendar year. Google at IU will remain available to you, and your account will continue to work as it does now, as long as your account remains under the limit of 5 GB.

You can see your total Google at IU usage by visiting your Google account. Make sure you’re logged into your Google at IU account, rather than your personal Google account. 

No action is needed now. However, if you are using more than 5 GB, you will need to reduce your Google storage. Review what you have in your Google at IU account to see if there are files that can be removed or deleted, including files you no longer need, or large files like photos, videos, or music.

Learn more about Google storage changes

Two-step Login with Duo is getting a new look

Watch for security improvements to Duo during the summer.

Two-Step Login (Duo) provides an additional layer of security when you log into IU systems. Unfortunately, cybercriminals have found ways to get around this protection.

That’s why UITS will soon be providing a more secure and even simpler Duo experience, called Duo Universal Prompt, to help you log in to your applications.

No immediate action on your part is required, but some users may have to change a few settings later this summer.

Learn more about the Duo change

Tech jobs available

The Support Center has full- and part-time job opportunities.

The UITS Support Center has several job opportunities available: search for the following Job ID numbers: 

299012 – IT User Support Specialist (Core Supervisor)

299786 – IT User Support Specialist (Core Supervisor)

298894 – IT User Support Technician (Computer Coordinator)

299015 – IT User Support Technician (Computer Assistant)

298922 – IT User Support Technician (Computer Assistant)

298979 – IT User Support Technician (Computer Assistant)

299046 – Part-Time Support Center Consultant (Bloomington)

298983 – Part-Time Support Center Consultant (Gary)

299047 – Part-Time Support Center Consultant (IUPUI)

Search for the Job IT numbers

Speed date your favorite tech on April 22

Get matched up with a range of tools and services.

Speed Dating with Learning Technologies is exactly what it sounds like—a matchmaking event that encourages participants to date a range of potential tools and services, gaining exposure to a lot of resources within a short period of time.

Participants will have nine minutes to speed date a specific tool or service before meeting their next date. Matchmakers (presenters) include staff from across UITS Learning Technologies and other key partners including publishers and vendors of learning tools and digital courseware.

Register here for April 22 Speed Dating with Learning Technologies

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