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UITS Monitor: Cultivate creativity

Monitor newsletter Apr 21, 2021
Cultivate creativity as an Adobe ambassador at IU!

UITS news for April 21, 2021

Apply to be an Adobe ambassador

Cultivate creativity and earn gift cards and swag.

Adobe is looking for highly motivated, socially active undergraduate students to help promote Adobe tools and creativity across IU. Ambassadors speak to organizations, lead workshops, and create promotions to introduce students to the world of Adobe products. As an added bonus, ambassadors can earn gift cards and swag for their work. 

Adobe is hoping to have ambassadors on every IU campus, and the application process will continue until all spots are filled. Applications will be followed up with a virtual meeting to discuss the program. 

Interested? Fill out the application form

Beth Plale named executive director of Pervasive Technology Institute at IU

IU computer scientist to lead research centers into third decade. 

Beth Plale, the Michael A. and Laurie Burns McRobbie Bicentennial Professor of Computer Engineering in the IU Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, has been named the new executive director of the Pervasive Technology Institute at IU.

The role marks Plale’s return to IU after a three-year stint at the National Science Foundation (NSF) in Washington, D.C. as science advisor for public access. 

Learn more about Beth Plale and the PTI at IU

Protecting open-science research as cyber threats rise

IU-led Trusted CI has been building a reservoir of success for nearly a decade.

How does a research institution develop cybersecure computing for university researchers, move research data faster but securely around the world, or track and protect endangered species while also keeping them safe from poachers?

IU-led Trusted CI has solved these problems and more for some 60 engagements funded by the NSF. Trusted CI, the NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence since 2016, is uniquely positioned to advise the open-science community in the face of increasing cybersecurity attacks. Via ransomware and other destructive cybersecurity exploits, university communities can lose money, productivity, and research data, and suffer reputational hits.

In 2020, Trusted CI began reaching out to its community, gathering the impacts of its engagements, and summarizing them into Trusted CI success stories.

Read more about Trusted CI success stories

IU lab wins $8 million in pursuit of 3D tracking for first responders

3D tracking can pinpoint locations more accurately than GPS.

The Crisis Technologies Innovation Lab in PTI at IU has been awarded $8 million to help create life-saving technologies for first responders. The lab will host competitions in the pursuit of indoor 3D tracking aimed at locating first responders during emergencies. 3D tracking can pinpoint locations within a few meters, whereas GPS cannot identify what room a person is in nor ascertain elevation in buildings.

Competitors’ innovations will be tested and judged at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Edinburgh, Indiana, which includes 190 structures and more than 1.8 miles of tunnels on 1,000 acres. Entrants with the most success in the most environments will be awarded prize money from the initial $8 million to further develop their technology.

For more about the IU lab $8 million award

Student internships available

Apply at the Center of Excellence for Women & Technology.

The Center of Excellence for Women & Technology is filling more than 20 internship positions on the IU Bloomington campus for the 2021-2022 academic year. Anyone of any gender who meets the stated criteria may apply for the positions. 

Internship positions are available in 3D printing and design, graphic design, communications and event planning, photography, social media, web design, and coding, to name a few.

See all of the available positions here

Remove Box files before May 10

IU Box will be disabled in less than three weeks.

You will no longer have access to files stored in Box after May 10, and those files will be deleted. If you don’t want your files, you don’t have to do anything. If you want to retain your Box files, choose an individual or institutional storage location before you move your files. The IU Box retirement FAQ has more information.

To ensure institutional data is secure and to give colleagues access to the information even if you leave IU, please use the institutional storage request form.

Learn about alternative cloud storage options with Microsoft OneDrive at IU or Google at IU My Drive via IT Training live or recorded webinars.

Sign up for IT Training storage webinars

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