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UITS Monitor: SecureMyResearch

Monitor newsletter Aug 12, 2020
SecureMyResearch: safer data, greater breakthroughs.

UITS news for August 12, 2020

How to SecureMyResearch

New IU service reduces cybersecurity and compliance burden in research.

An innovative new service at IU aims to help researchers overcome common challenges in their work: staying compliant and keeping data safe. Often, the very nature of collaborative research makes the data vulnerable to outside influences.

SecureMyResearch offers services that help conduct research securely, whether working with regulated or unregulated data, such as:

  • A one-stop, self-service resource (known as the “cookbook”) that provides recipes for common research use cases that have security and compliance baked in
  • One-on-one consulting
  • Advocacy, a vehicle to provide researcher feedback to the appropriate stakeholders 

Learn more about SecureMyResearch

IU Mobile app, your home away from home

The world has gone mobile, and IU is no exception.

With the IU Mobile app, you get the tools and help you need to succeed in your classes, no matter where you are. You’ll find quick access to Canvas, Zoom, the Keep Learning site, and key fall 2020 dates. You can also find your bus status and look up directions to buildings on campus. Personalize the app for the resources you need most. 

Download the IU Mobile app here

IU Online eases the way for incoming students

It’s easier to gather transcripts and transfer from one campus to another.

For many transfer students, gathering past transcripts can present significant obstacles. Some have been out of school for a few years, and others have attended multiple institutions. This year, through a partnership with IU Kokomo, students can opt in to a free service that gathers their transcripts for them using the IU Online application form.  

Intercampus transfers are also easier. A new simplified intercampus transfer form guides you through the process and takes a mere 30 seconds to complete. 

For more about IU Online improvements

Ready to unpack after the Box move?

Join August webinars to get organized in OneDrive or Drive.

Once you’ve been migrated to Microsoft OneDrive at IU or Google at IU My Drive, it’s time to get organized in your new home. Where are your boxes and how can you see what’s in them? How do you share the contents? UITS webinars help you find, organize, edit, and share your files in your new platform.

For details on the Box migration, visit:

Register for webinars on preparing and organizing your files

Keep Teaching website: refreshed and ready for fall 2020

Updates to the site will continue through the semester.

The Keep Teaching website features new and improved fall 2020 content for teaching in the socially distanced classroom. Updates in the Strategies section focus on three communications channels: instructor to student; student to student; and student to instructor. Additional guidelines include: adapting to a hybrid teaching style, facilitating Zoom discussions, and hosting guest speakers.

Refer to the Keep Teaching site throughout the fall as new webinars become available.

Keep Teaching site

Are you smarter than a seventh-grader?

IU and WonderLab team up to host cybersecurity camp for middle-school students.

Indiana and Illinois middle schoolers learned valuable lessons in cybersecurity at a virtual workshop hosted this summer by the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research and WonderLab.

There were numerous firsts for the cybercamp as adjustments were made due to the pandemic and improvements were implemented due to popular demand.

Read more about the cybercamp

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