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UITS Monitor: Welcome to the IU Privacy Portal

Monitor newsletter Aug 26, 2020
Welcome to the IU Privacy Portal.

UITS news for August 26, 2020

Welcome to the IU Privacy Portal

New site is go-to spot for info about IU’s data privacy program and your rights.

In our relationship with you, IU is likely to hold a variety of sensitive personal information, such as GPA, student loan data, or Social Security number. IU’s privacy program protects this data from unwanted disclosure and informs you of rights, such as access to your data and limitations on how we use it.

IU’s new Privacy Portal website is where you’ll go to get the latest info about our data privacy program and your rights.

Our goal is to:

  • Protect your data, in line with industry best practice and governmental requirements
  • Communicate what we are doing with your data and your related rights
  • Make ethical decisions, in your best interest, with respect to the use of your data

With emerging technologies and a changing legal landscape, the world of data privacy requires constant engagement and vigilance. In the coming year, we are streamlining hundreds of web-based privacy notices. We are also enhancing our communication with you through the IU Privacy Portal. 

IU Privacy Portal

Make a quarantine plan

Be prepared to teach, learn, or work from home with IU’s help.

While IU campuses are taking precautions to keep everyone safe, it is possible that you could be diagnosed with COVID-19 or come into close contact with someone who has tested positive. If you need to self-isolate or self-quarantine, IU has resources to help you continue with work or school, as needed. 

  • Keep Learning: resources for using technology, staying connected with instructors and peers, and taking care of yourself
  • Keep Teaching: tips, strategies, and best practices for developing and delivering courses
  • Keep Working: information about connectivity, security, file storage, and more when working from home with personal or IU-owned equipment

For more on how to prepare for the semester ahead

New Zoom security measures coming Sept. 27

New security requirements ensure safer, more protected meetings.

As of Sept. 27, Zoom will require all meetings to feature a waiting room or a passcode to ensure greater meeting security.

For Zoom at IU, waiting rooms will be enabled as a default. If you’ve already added a passcode or waiting room, there will be no change to how you schedule meetings.

While this change isn’t mandatory until late September, faculty using Zoom for class meetings are encouraged to enable their preferred security feature now to avoid future confusion or disruption for students.

Learn more >>

Faculty: start the semester on the right foot with SER

The Student Engagement Roster gives timely, effective feedback to students.

Is attendance an issue for a student? Or maybe you just want another way to say “keep up the good work”?

The Student Engagement Roster (SER) allows you to quickly and easily provide timely feedback to your students, on areas ranging from attendance and participation, to assignments, and more. In the first couple weeks of classes, SER helps ensure that students are aware of issues that could affect their success.

Access SER from your Canvas course site.

Learn more about providing SER feedback

Faculty Tech Guide now online

Bookmark for quick tech resources.

Technology is more important than ever for IU educators, researchers, and scholars, and the Faculty Tech Guide is here to help you navigate it all.

Use the comprehensive Faculty Tech Guide website when you’re looking for tools and services for:

Bookmark the site and make it your first stop for resources from supercomputers and cybersecurity to active learning spaces and technology training. 

Check out the Faculty Tech Guide site

Heads up: IU to retire DC2

Data Capacitor 2 will be read-only on Oct. 11 and retired on Dec. 11.

The Data Capacitor 2 (DC2) file system, which handles high-performance research computing for more than 20,000 IU users, will be retired. Be aware that DC2 will be read-only as of Oct. 11, and all data that remains on DC2 after Dec. 11 will be deleted. 

IU has provided two places to migrate your data:

You are responsible for migrating your data, but if you require help, contact

For more details on the DC2 retirement

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