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UITS Monitor: Two-Step Login with just one touch

Monitor newsletter Sep 18, 2019
Two-Step Login with just one touch. Got a MacBook? Learn how to access IU everything with just your fingertip.

UITS news for September 18, 2019

A great pairing: MacBook and Duo

Now you can use Touch ID on your MacBook to log into your IU account

You’re busy—and we get that. But you can never be too busy to protect your personal data and information.

That’s why you can now do the Two-Step Login with Duo by using the Touch ID sensor on your MacBook while in the Chrome browser. It’s a fast and secure way to access all the resources you need. 

Learn how to enable this time-saving feature

Read more about Duo

What is the future of supercomputing at IU?

Learn what’s in store at upcoming town hall meetings hosted by UITS Research Technologies

When will IU’s new supercomputer, Big Red 200, be ready to use? What’s the best way to store petabytes of data?

If you have questions like these, come and join experts from UITS Research Technologies for an update on IU’s supercomputing roadmap. You’ll learn about current and future supercomputing and storage systems available to faculty, students, and staff, as well as news about the transition from Big Red II and Big Red II+ to Big Red 200 and Big Red III.

What: UITS Research Technologies Town Hall (IU Bloomington)
When: Tuesday, October 1, 12:30-2pm ET
Where: Indiana Memorial Union Dogwood Room

What: UITS Research Technologies Town Hall (IUPUI)
When: Wednesday, October 2, 12:30-2pm ET
Where: IUPUI Campus Center CE405

Learn about upcoming changes to the Big Red suite of supercomputers at IU

Security speaker series kicks off with talk by IU’s chief information security officer

Sept. 19: “Swift and reasonable action: A higher education CISO’s perspective”

IU’s Security Speaker Series kicks off September 19 with a talk by Andrew Korty, chief information security officer for Indiana University. Each year, the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research hosts the series, which brings in notable cybersecurity figures from across the nation to present research and real-world experiences to IU faculty, staff, and students.

In his talk, Korty will give an overview of his duties and an update on operational cybersecurity activities at the university.

What: “Swift and reasonable action: A higher education CISO’s perspective”
When: Thursday, September 19, noon-1pm ET
Where: Maurer School of Law, room 335, IU Bloomington

This talk will be streamed at the following locations:

  • IU Bloomington: Luddy Hall 3006

Learn more about the CACR speaker series

The Scholars Book Fair—coming this fall to IU Bloomington

IU instructors can find ideas for affordable content from UITS Learning Technologies

Remember the excitement of the school book fair? Circling your favorites in the flyer, counting out your change for shopping, coming home with books and cool erasers… those were the days.

Now faculty and staff can relive the fun at the Scholars Book Fair. Come learn about all kinds of affordable content, from digital learning tools to eTexts to library resources, and check out demos of Virtual Reality and 3D printing.

BONUS: You’ll even have the chance to earn Scholar Dollars to trade in for prizes or sweet treats!

What: Scholars Book Fair
When: Friday, September 27, 11am-2pm ET
Where: Wells Library, room W138, IU Bloomington

Learn more about the book fair

BotSlayer: The latest tool to fight online disinformation

IU professor develops technology that instantly detects fake accounts used to manipulate public opinion

BotSlayer is the Observatory on Social Media’s newest tool in the ongoing struggle against the use of bots to spread misinformation online. The beta version was used by major news and political organizations to monitor possible election interference in the U.S.

“We developed BotSlayer to make it easier for journalists and political campaigns to monitor potential new disinformation campaigns that attempt to manipulate public opinion using bots,” said Filippo Menczer, a professor in the IU School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, and director of the Observatory on Social Media.

BotSlayer allows anyone to scan and explore tweets directly from Twitter on specific topics of interest. It’s possible to see immediately when bots work in a coordinated way to push out messages—a practice known as “astroturfing” because it mimics authentic grassroots activity.

The BotSlayer tool is free and available to the public.

Read more about BotSlayer

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