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UITS Monitor: Check out IU’s hardware deals

Monitor newsletter Nov 29, 2022
Need a new device?

UITS news for November 29, 2022

IU holiday hardware deals

If you’re shopping for a new device at this time of year, take a look at the IU hardware deals available to you. IU offers negotiated education pricing for Apple and Dell products.

Dell/IU has discounts on laptops, gaming PCs, monitors, computer accessories, and more. The IU/Apple store features laptops, iPads, Watches, iPhones, AirPods, accessories, and a Holiday Gift Guide.

Visit the ComputerGuide for more details

Want to know more about salary negotiation?

Starting to interview for jobs? Tired of the gender pay gap? Sign up for a December 12 interactive workshop at the Indiana Memorial Union on the Bloomington campus. During the workshop, you will conduct research to develop a target salary and practice salary negotiation conversations.

IU career coach Lisa Hamilton specializes in working with exploratory students and self-assessments.

Sign up for the salary negotiation workshop

Friendly notice about Microsoft name change 

Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of products you probably use every day—and it’s getting a name change. Microsoft is removing “Office” from the name and it will now be known as Microsoft 365. 

The rebranding will involve a new icon, a new look, and more features. The app will update automatically, so keep an eye out for those changes.

Read more about Microsoft 365

Google storage deadline on Dec. 1

An important deadline is coming up related to Google storage accounts. On December 1, the quota on your Shared Drive will be set to zero if you have not requested paid access to Google Shared Drives.

Remember, your personal Google at IU My Drive account is not appropriate for storing institutional files.

See Monitor special edition for more details on Google storage deadlines

IU will require sensitivity labels to protect data 

In an effort to protect data, IU will require the use of sensitivity labels in Power BI as of January 31, 2023. Content owners will be prompted to choose a label matching IU’s classification levels of institutional data before continuing to edit any items or republish reports. The labels will ensure that only authorized people can access your data. 

Learn more about why IU will begin using labels

Join Video Creation and Management Pilot for spring 2023

Do you like to include video quizzing and engagement tools in your teaching or desire advanced video editing capabilities? Consider joining the spring pilots for Panopto and Yuja, video creation and media management platforms that integrate with Canvas.

To learn more about these tools, attend a December 8 webinar for Panopto or a December 9 webinar for Yuja.

Go to Next.IU to register for the pilot

Prepare students for a digital world

Apply by December 2 to become a spring 2023 Digital Gardener Faculty Fellow and learn to incorporate digital literacy, creativity, and learning into your teaching.

Fellows receive a stipend for participation. Full-time faculty (regardless of rank, discipline, or campus) and part-time faculty (who are also full-time IU employees) may apply. 

Apply by Dec. 2 for the Digital Gardener Fellows Program

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