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Watch for changes to Duo Two-Step Login during the summer

Coming Duo Universal Prompt will provide better security.

News and events May 18, 2022

IU is serious about protecting the data you share with the university. That’s why UITS requires Two-Step Login (Duo). This multi-factor authentication method provides an additional layer of security when you log in to IU systems.

On July 12, UITS will introduce Duo Universal Prompt. This new look and functionality for Duo will make logging in to IU systems simpler and even more secure by prompting you to use the most secure option, or the last-used authentication method to log in to your applications.

As a part of this change, the ‘Call Me’ or ‘SMS’ options will be removed, further protecting you and the university from more advanced phishing attacks. If you have been identified as someone who regularly uses these Duo functions, we will contact you in June to help you transition to using Universal Prompt.

You can see a visual comparison of what’s changing at Upcoming – About Duo Universal Prompt.


Here are some frequently asked questions:

What are the differences between the traditional Duo Prompt and the new Universal Prompt?

The Universal Prompt is a visual and technical redesign of the traditional Duo Prompt. It will be used on some web-based applications and select mobile apps that display the current Duo Prompt.

You will likely notice four major changes when using the Universal Prompt:

1. Last-used authentication method: The Universal Prompt remembers your last-used authentication method (e.g., Duo Push, security key, TouchID, etc.) and displays that option by default. You will not see other available login methods until you click “Other options.”
2. Automatic Duo Push: If you use Duo Push, once you see the Universal Prompt, it will automatically send a Duo Push to your device. You won’t need to click or tap a button.
3. Updated visual appearance: The Universal Prompt has a new visual design with a simplified interface.
4. Support for more languages: The Universal Prompt supports English, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese.

How do I access other options to log in?

By default, the Universal Prompt displays the most secure, or most recently used authentication method. You can access other login options by clicking “Other options.”

Should I click the “Trust this browser?” prompt after I log in with the Universal Prompt?

The “Trust this browser” prompt on Duo Universal Prompt functions the same as the “Remember me for 7 days” check box in the old interface. Clicking this will allow you to bypass Duo login for seven days.


No immediate action on your part is required, but some users may have to change a few settings later this summer.

For more tips, visit Manage your Two-Step Login (Duo) devices and settings.

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