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Veteran IT staffer promoted to lead IT at IU East

Joy Maupin builds relationships and works to ensure her IT professionals can handle any situation

News and events Jun 22, 2023

Scenic photo of IU East Campus scenic photo from IU East. Photo by Eric Rudd

Executive director of IT at IU East Joy Maupin strives to ensure her IT professionals can handle any situation thrown their way.

Maupin was recently promoted to executive director after a year as interim director.

“In addition to providing guidance and fostering a culture of excellence, executive directors play a crucial role in fulfilling the IT mission of the campus by shaping the organization’s technological landscape and supporting student success.” Nick Ray, the chief information officer of IU’s regional campuses said.

“Joy has a great work ethic, leadership qualities, and experience in higher education administration make her ideal for the executive director position at IU East,” Ray said. “Her dedication to the campus community fosters a positive environment within the institution.”

Maupin joined the IU family 10 years ago as a network and systems administrator, who also became part of the IU Print team. Then a year and a half ago, Maupin was chosen to be the interim executive director of IT after the previous director moved onto another position.

Joy Maupin, executive director of IT at IU East Joy Maupin, executive director of IT at IU East

According to Maupin, her becoming interim director was in part due to the IT leadership training she had taken part in.

“He encouraged me a lot to do the leadership trainings available through IU. I did the IT leadership boot camp a few years ago and then 2018, I did the MOR IT leaders program. I didn’t really know if or when I would use that information.” Maupin also received her master’s degree in management from IU East in 2020.

As interim director, Maupin got to build relationships that continue to benefit her as the full-time director.

“I got to know who the other executive directors on the other campuses were, and I was able to work with them on a regular basis rather than just seeing them once in a while at Statewide,” Maupin said. “I also started working with Nick Ray on regular basis, so I think that the year of being interim gave me a chance to start making those relationships that I didn’t have before.”

Maupin is excited to work with her team, particularly when working together and cross-training.

“There’s seven of us in our department here on the East campus, and I want to work on working together and kind of cross training people,” Maupin said. “We have a couple of people that are really specialized in certain areas and if they’re out, we may have a little bit of a learning curve to cover for them, but I know they’re ready for anything”

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