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Duo Verified Push coming to IU staff for added Two-Step Login security

Security and privacy Jul 26, 2023
Duo Verified Push will show a three-digit number shown on left. Staff then enter those numbers into their device shown on right.

Staff get additional protection against unsolicited Duo pushes

On Tuesday, August 1, University Information Technology Services (UITS) will add an extra level of security for Two-Step Login for all full-time IU staff. Duo Verified Push will be enabled for services including IU Login and IU Azure (Microsoft 365).

What staff will see

When staff log in to an application that uses Duo Verified Push, they will see a three-digit number. They then enter those numbers into their Duo Mobile app on their authentication device (usually a smart phone) to approve the push. By using the “Remember Me” checkbox, they will not be asked for another verified push for 30 days on that device.

Interactive demo of Duo Verified Push

Screenshot of Two-Step Login (Duo) with Verified Push at IU


Duo Verified Push provides additional protection against attackers sending unsolicited Duo pushes trying to gain access to IU staff accounts. Because of the added level of security, Duo Verified Push lets staff stay logged in to their devices for a longer period (up to 30 days).

Older devices

For old or outdated devices, the University Information Security Office encourages staff to upgrade their phone, request a single-button hardware token, or request an exception from the migration to Duo Verified Push from their IT Pro or the UITS Support Center. To log in with Duo Verified Push, staff will need:

  • Duo mobile version 4.16.0 or later on Android 8 or later
  • Duo mobile version 4.17.0 or later on iOS 13 or later

If staff have an existing exception to messages or phone calls to log in with Duo, they can disregard emails about Duo Verified Push as no change is required for their devices for now.

Learn more and get help

Learn more about Duo Verified Push at IU

For help, staff can contact their IT Pro or the UITS Support Center.

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