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IU to launch comprehensive online student success platform

Aug 29, 2023

Indiana University will launch one of the nation’s most comprehensive online student success tools in 2024, making it easier and faster for IU’s nearly 90,000 students across all campuses to plan their classes, track their progress toward degree completion and stay on track for on-time graduation.

In collaboration with technology partner Stellic, IU will streamline and consolidate existing technologies into a single online platform where students can build their degree plan, track their progress and visualize the impact of any decisions.

“Our current process involves multiple IU-developed systems that, while useful on their own, are not connected to each other and are confusing for students to navigate,” said Julie Payne-Kirchmeier, IU vice president for student success. “More than 400 members of the IU community across all campuses and various stakeholders were involved in getting us to this point, including students, advisors, academic owners, enrollment managers and faculty, and I’m excited it’s time to take the next step.”

Payne-Kirchmeier said Stellic offers a personalized, mobile-friendly experience. Students will register for classes directly through a custom degree map, and students can also use a “what if” functionality to explore adding a minor, pursuing a certificate or even considering what it would look like if they were to change their major.

From an administrative and advising perspective, Payne-Kirchmeier said the program lets academic advisors holistically monitor progress, including identifying students who are not on track, in order to intervene earlier. It also helps the university’s academic partners more effectively plan future course offerings by analyzing what courses students have planned for future terms based on their degree maps.

An IU team will work directly with Stellic to create an implementation calendar. Planning and development will occur this fall, and IU will launch a Phase I process in early spring. The software will be further implemented in the spring and summer, with the intent to fully launch it on all campuses in fall 2024.

The online platform is one of many ways the university has committed to student success as one of the three pillars of the IU 2030 strategic plan.


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