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IU welcomes nearly 22,000 new beginner students, sees increase in overall enrollment

IU Bloomington sets record for student enrollment; IU campuses see increase in students of color

For Immediate Release Aug 30, 2023

EDITOR’S NOTE: This release was updated on Sept. 1, 2023, to clarify the sentence on non-degree-seeking students.

BLOOMINGTON — Enrollment is up this year at Indiana University campuses across the state as the university welcomed nearly 22,000 beginner undergraduate and graduate students this fall.

In all, 87,628 degree-seeking students are enrolled at IU campuses across the state. When including non-degree-seeking students, IU now serves 90,144 students on campuses across Indiana — more than any other university in the state.

IU Bloomington's incoming undergraduate class in 2023 represents nearly 26% growth over the past decade. Photo by Chr... IU Bloomington's incoming undergraduate class in 2023 represents nearly 26% growth over the past decade. Photo by Chris Meyer, Indiana University

IU Bloomington set a new enrollment record for the third year in a row, with 47,527 students enrolled overall. Other campuses with enrollment increases this year include IU Kokomo, IU South Bend and IU Southeast.

The number of domestic students of color enrolled at IU campuses is up nearly 5% this year, now making up nearly 32% of the student body. IU Bloomington, IUPUI, IU South Bend, IU Northwest, IU East and IU Kokomo each set campus records for the share of students of color enrolled.

“Across our campuses and through our online programs, we’ve welcomed an incredible new class of students that is among the most diverse in IU history,” IU President Pamela Whitten said. “They join peers who are highly accomplished, intellectually curious and deeply supportive of one another. As a new year begins, our focus centers on providing an unmatched student experience that equips all of our students for lifelong success in the classroom, in their careers, and in communities across our state and nation.”

IU students represent all 92 Indiana counties, every state in the nation and 170 countries across the globe. They’re enrolled in a total of 1,163,407 credit hours.

IU Bloomington

IU Bloomington’s incoming undergraduate class is 9,550 students in 2023, representing nearly 18% growth over the past five years and nearly 26% growth over the past decade. The cohort includes 918 first-generation undergraduate beginner students and a record 1,873 historically marginalized undergraduate beginner students. This cohort also has a record number of Indiana residents enrolled this year, totaling 5,161.

The incoming class at IU Bloomington also brings with it a history of strong academic achievement. The median high school GPA is 3.90, which sets a new record. A record 40% of the incoming class has a 4.0 high school GPA on a 4.0 scale — up 2.5% from last year and 15% over the past decade.

Seventy-two percent of incoming students received gift aid, which includes scholarships and grants. Pell Grants, which are awarded to undergraduate students who demonstrate exceptional financial need, will go to 1,568 undergraduate beginner students, up 11% over the past five years. There are 489 beginner students who are 21st Century Scholarship Covenant recipients, and 200 beginner students will receive the Pell Promise award.

In all, Bloomington has enrolled a record 36,833 undergraduate students this year, an increase of nearly 11% over the past five years. The campus’s graduate program has grown over the past decade, with 10,694 graduate students enrolled at IU Bloomington this fall. The campus has a record total of 47,527 students enrolled, coming from all 92 Indiana counties, 50 states and 110 countries.


With 23,593 students enrolled this year, IUPUI saw an increase in graduate and professional student enrollment, as well as an increase in... With 23,593 students enrolled this year, IUPUI saw an increase in graduate and professional student enrollment, as well as an increase in international students. Photo by Liz Kaye, Indiana University As IUPUI begins its transition to IU Indianapolis, it enrolled 23,593 students this year. Both IUPUC and IU Fort Wayne saw an increase in enrollment from last year, welcoming 939 and 965 students, respectively.

IUPUI saw a 2.5% increase in graduate and professional student enrollment this year, with 8,460 students. The Indianapolis campus also had a significant increase in international students, with enrollment up nearly 13% over last year.

A record number of domestic students of color enrolled in Indianapolis, up 3.5% and hitting a record share of more than 37%.

Indianapolis also has 6,885 first-generation students enrolled, as well as 8,117 adult learners, or those age 25 and older.

Regional campuses

Overall enrollment increased at IU’s regional campuses to 17,120 across the state. Undergraduate beginner student enrollment also increased to 2,819, which is up nearly 6% over last year.

Overall enrollment was up 1.6% at IU Kokomo, almost 3% at IU South Bend and 2.2% at IU Southeast from last fall. Undergraduate beginner student enrollment was up nearly 12% at IU Northwest, 15% at IU South Bend and 6.4% at IU Southeast.

Enrollment of undergraduate students who are residents of Indiana increased compared to last year at IU East, IU Kokomo, IU South Bend and IU Southeast. Domestic nonresident undergraduate enrollments are up more than 9% at IU South Bend.

The number of domestic students of color who enrolled in IU’s regional campuses increased nearly 4% from last fall and hit a record share of the student body at nearly 31%. IU Northwest continues to maintain its Hispanic-Serving Institution designation, with 28% of students identifying as Hispanic/Latine.

IU Kokomo set a record in graduate and professional student enrollment, up more than 23% from last year. IU South Bend and IU Kokomo also saw more international students enrolled from the previous year: IU South Bend is up more than 6%, and IU Kokomo had a nearly 15% increase.

IU Online

The university’s IU Online program continues to grow, with a record total of 8,643 students enrolled. This is an increase of 3.5% over last year and more than 5% over the past two years.

In all, 47,159 students, or 52% of all IU students, are enrolled in at least one online class, marking a 2.4% increase from fall 2022. Total credits pursued online are up 4% from last year and represent 21% of total university credit hours.

IU Online now offers 232 degree and certificate programs — 12 more than last academic year — all taught and developed by IU faculty. Fifty of these programs are offered through a collaboration between multiple IU campuses. Growth in IU’s collaborative programs grew rapidly year over year, up 26% over last year.

IU’s official fall census day for this academic school year was Aug. 28, 2023.

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