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UITS Monitor: Learning NameCoach

Monitor newsletter Sep 6, 2023
Woman with a name tag beside text: NameCoach eliminating the guessing game

UITS news for September 6, 2023

Hi! My name is…

Even what we think of as simple names can be mispronounced by those who are not used to saying them. Avoid this issue by recording your name with NameCoach.

Recordings will appear in Canvas, the IU directory, anywhere you choose to share your NameBadge, and in advising and commencement records. Learn how NameCoach works with this video and simplify introductions.

Record your name

Keep your student org organized

Did you know that student groups can use Microsoft Teams to stay organized and centralized? Keep chat channels, meeting notes, and files all in one place. No more massive group texts or losing files when leaders graduate.

Learn more by visiting ittraining.iu

Be sure to log into the Knowledge Base

Although most content in the Indiana University Knowledge Base is visible to anyone, many KB documents contain additional content for the IU community that you must be logged into the KB to view. Logging in before searching the KB also returns results that wouldn’t otherwise display. To make sure you see all the information available to you, log into the KB.

Learn how to log in

Free mental health services—anytime, anywhere

TimelyCare offers virtual mental health services for free, 24/7/365. With unlimited visits, diverse providers, and services ranging from scheduled counseling to a peer community to TalkNow on-demand support, TimelyCare helps with problems big and small. Register now so you have it when you need it.

Learn more and sign up for TimelyCare

End of Duo Support for old operating systems

To help safeguard your security, Duo will end support for old operating systems. If your device is running iOS 8 or Android 5 you will need to upgrade your operating system before September 29 to continue using the Duo app. Contact your campus IT Support Center if your device is unable to receive this upgrade.

Learn more about Two-Step Login (Duo) device recommendations

AI-powered Bing Chat Enterprise now available in preview mode at IU

Bing Chat Enterprise is now enabled for IU faculty and staff. Like ChatGPT, you can use it to write and summarize content, create code, and answer complex questions. It is the recommended generative AI tool for IU because it has safeguards to prevent the unauthorized exposure of personal and IU data and it does not use or retain chat data for AI model training. Bing Chat Enterprise is available in preview mode for no additional cost to IU.

Learn more about Bing Chat Enterprise

Invite students to record their names

NameCoach is a tool designed to help instructors and students learn how to pronounce each other’s names.

To get started, invite students to record their names or create a NameCoach assignment in Canvas. Encourage students to record their names as classes get under way.

Explore NameCoach

Generative AI in 12 minutes

Wondering about the possibilities of Generative AI in education? Join us to explore ways to use AI to enhance learning and reduce administrative burdens. In these 12-minute “speed encounters,” you’ll have a chance to ask questions, share ideas, and make connections. Whether you’re an AI pro or just starting your AI journey, there’s a range of topics to choose from (including new ones since the last speed rounds).

Join us to explore possibilities (event has passed)

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