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AI chat tool enabled for use with IU data

Bing Chat Enterprise/Copilot protects IU data and is trained on the same models as ChatGPT

News and events Sep 6, 2023

[Story updated December 7, 2023 Microsoft has begun rebranding Bing Chat Enterprise as Microsoft Copilot. During this transition, you may see either name. This is distinct from the Microsoft 365 Copilot service, which currently has limited availability at IU.]

Bing Chat Enterprise is now accessible to IU faculty and staff, representing the recommended way to use generative AI within the IU environment. It is built on the same AI models and data as ChatGPT so you can use it to write and summarize content, create code, and answer complex questions.

Bing Chat Enterprise also has access to current internet data, enabling it to provide real-time responses to current events, a feature not available in ChatGPT, which is based on data up to 2021. Importantly, Bing Chat Enterprise has been approved for use with IU data classified as University-Internal. Use with IU data classified as Restricted or Critical is not allowed.

It has safeguards in place to prevent the unauthorized exposure of personal and IU data. It does not use or retain chat data for AI model training.

Bing Chat Enterprise is in preview mode for IU and is currently available for no additional cost to the university.

To use Bing Chat Enterprise, log in to Bing Chat with your IU credentials using Microsoft Edge (preferred) or another browser (see Bing Chat Enterprise browser compatibility). If you use your personal Microsoft Account credentials, you will be on the public version of Bing Chat and the data and queries you type into it will be used to train the AI model and will be accessible to non-IU employees.

For more detailed information about logging in, browser compatibility, and privacy concerns visit this Knowledge Base document: About Bing Chat Enterprise at IU.

For more information about IU’s AI policies visit Acceptable uses of generative AI services at IU.

For more information about AI in Teaching and Learning register to attend Generative AI: Exploring Applications for Teaching and Learning.

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