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3 preparedness tips to help you stay safe in an emergency

Sep 20, 2023

September was recently proclaimed National Preparedness Month, and Indiana University’s Emergency Management and Continuity team has three tips to increase your readiness for any crisis.

Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock. Be in the know by downloading the free Guardian App and making sure your IU Notify contact information is up to date. Photo courtesy of IU Public Safety.

“In an emergency situation, having a plan and knowing how to get help can make all the difference,” said Amanda Roach, university director of Emergency Management and Continuity. “Whether it’s a natural hazard like a tornado, a medical emergency, a utility failure or any other kind of crisis, preparedness is essential to keep you and others safe.”

Get prepared with these three tips

Know what to do. Learn about potential emergencies and hazards, and familiarize yourself with emergency procedures and guidance provided by Emergency Management and Continuity. Contact EMC for training for your student group, residence hall, department or office.

Be in the know. Make sure you are signed up to receive emergency alerts and official information from trusted sources. Check your IU Notify settings to be sure your contact information is up to date. Download the free Guardian safety app for quick access to police and key campus safety and wellness services. Follow IU Police and Public Safety on Facebook, Instagram and X, formerly known as Twitter.

Have an emergency kit. Keeping emergency kits for your home and car can help you stay safe and survive in a crisis. You can purchase an emergency kit or make your own. For example, a car-specific emergency kit can include cold-weather clothes, a shovel and sand, water and jumper cables.


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Mary Keck

Communications Manager, Public Safety

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