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Are you winter ready? Check your preparedness with these safety tips

Jan 3, 2024

Navigate snowy or icy sidewalks and roadways with caution during winter weather. Photo by Justin Casterline, Indiana University... Navigate snowy or icy sidewalks and roadways with caution during winter weather. Photo by Justin Casterline, Indiana University.

Ice, snow and frigid temperatures can pose serious challenges during the winter season, but preparedness can keep you safe.

“Just taking a little time to get ready can keep you safe and save you from a lot of inconvenient hassles later,” said Amanda Roach, university director for Emergency Management and Continuity for Indiana University Public Safety. “Checking weather conditions regularly, dressing warmly and having an emergency kit are some essential ways to prepare.”

Are you winter ready? Check these tips to find out.

  • Check local weather forecasts for your area and travel advisories before you travel.
  • Update your IU Notify contact information to receive alerts about delays, cancellations or other changes in your campus’s status.
  • Review IU’s adverse weather policy so you know what to do if your campus moves to a “state of limited operations.”
  • Have an emergency kit in your home and car.

Avoid traveling in adverse conditions, but if you must travel on snow and ice, drive safely by following these safe winter driving practices:

  • Take it slow.
  • Keep extra distance between yourself and the vehicles around you.
  • Remove any snow or ice from your windshield, windows, roof, hood and lights.
  • Brake early and slowly, and avoid slamming on the brakes.

Slow down when you’re walking across campus, too. Remain on designated walkways and wear appropriate shoes. If you find icy patches, report them to the facilities services office on your campus. And remember: Walk like a penguin when it’s slippery by pointing your feet outward and taking slow, short steps.

Even though it’s chilly outside, letting your car warm up while you’re inside can make you an easy target for vehicle theft. Don’t leave your keys unattended in your vehicle, and even if you use a remote start, be sure your car is locked.

More winter weather preparedness tips are available on the IU Public Safety website,


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Mary Keck

Communications Manager, Public Safety

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