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Climate Action Plan names implementation committees; website launched

Jan 22, 2024

Indiana University has announced Climate Action Plan implementation committees for its two core and five regional campuses, and launched an updated climate action website that features goals, data and news.

The IU Climate Action Plan establishes a pathway for IU to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040. That involves reducing direct emissions from university-owned or -controlled sources, and indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity, heating and cooling. The university approved the plan in fall 2023.

Each campus has its own Climate Action Plan implementation committee with representation from students, faculty and staff. Names of committee members can be found on the updated climate action website. Members are appointed by local campus leadership, such as the provost and chancellors. Each committee will develop recommendations to implement the strategies approved in the IU Climate Action Plan for its respective campus.

The campus implementation committees will follow the guiding principles outlined in the IU Climate Action Plan:

  • Evidence-based and rigorous.
  • Action-oriented, with immediate implementation whenever possible.
  • Financially responsible.
  • Resourceful and efficient, with funding sources and savings identified.
  • Inclusive and just, with broad input.
  • Accountable, with benchmarks and dashboards part of the transparency of process and progress.
  • Ambitious and transformative.

Campus committees also will identify projects that create opportunities for student learning. The projects will provide meaningful, real-world applications of sustainability and sustainability-adjacent principles by utilizing the campus as a living laboratory of sustainability.

The updated climate action website includes:

  • The goals-tracking dashboard presented in the approved plan.
  • An updated greenhouse gases dashboard for all campuses.
  • Utilities dashboards that had been previously published.

More dashboards will be developed with the feedback and help of the campus implementation committees.


IU Newsroom

Kirk Johannesen

Communications Consultant, Strategic Communications

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