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2024 School of Science student graduate completes family legacy dating to start of IUPUI campus

Mar 12, 2024

Jared Hutchek, center, is a senior at IUPUI with a dual major in environmental science and business. His grandfather Andy, left, and his ... Jared Hutchek, center, is a senior at IUPUI with a dual major in environmental science and business. His grandfather Andy, left, and his father, Jim, are also IUPUI graduates. Photo by Liz Kaye, Indiana UniversityFor 10 years, Andrew Hutchek spent his nights in Indianapolis, taking classes on a campus that would eventually become IUPUI. At the time, he was also working a full-time job to support his growing family. What he didn’t know then was that receiving his degree in 1971, as a first-generation college graduate and member of the second graduating class at IUPUI, would end up inspiring his family for generations to come.

His son James graduated with a degree from IUPUI in the 1990s. And now — 53 years after Andrew crossed the podium as one of the first IUPUI graduates — his grandson Jared is set to graduate as a member of the final class at IUPUI. The campus will transition to become IU Indianapolis in July.

Jared Hutchek poses for a portrait at the Campus Center. Jared Hutchek was named a member of IUPUI's 2023 Top 100 class and earned the Chancellor's Scholarship. Photo by Liz Kaye, Indiana UniversityThe youngest Hutchek is a bit of a trailblazer himself. Jared is a dual major in environmental science and business management and a member of IUPUI’s 2023 Top 100 class, an award honoring undergraduates who demonstrate academic leadership, community engagement and campus leadership. He will become a first-generation law student after his graduation in May, with ambitions to become an environmental lawyer.

“To be a member of the last graduating class at IUPUI when my grandfather was among the first means a lot to my family,” Jared said. “I was astonished to learn the extensive history my family has through this institution, and how deep of an impact this university has had on my family’s professional development and history through the opportunities it has provided us.”

Jared knew he wanted to practice law when he was in high school, but it was an advanced placement environmental science course that sparked his passion for environmental law. Despite the familial connection, Jared’s decision to study at IUPUI was an academic one: He could earn both an environmental science and business degree from the School of Science and the Kelley School of Business in four years, an opportunity no other university presented.

By obtaining an education in two fields, Jared said he could fully understand both sides of environmental issues. Plus, he earned the Chancellor’s Scholarship, which has made a huge impact during his time on campus.

“IUPUI gave me opportunities that I otherwise would not have had,” he said. “Because I earned a Chancellor’s Scholarship at IUPUI, I have been able to focus on my academic pursuits, including preparing for the Law School Admission Test. My ability to pursue two degrees in tandem, as well as the experiences I have had at the School of Science and Kelley School of Business, allowed me to stand out on my law school application.”

Thanks to the resources, experience and education provided at IUPUI, Hutchek earned the status of early applicant at the Florida State University College of Law. It’s a feat he, as well as his family, is thrilled that he accomplished.

“Being able to say that I am a first-generation law student is something that I am very proud of,” Jared said. “For me, this achievement represents the positive outcomes that can come from hard work and opportunities like the ones IUPUI has given me.”


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