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IU Notify text message alerts coming to cell phones soon

Starting March 28, all IU faculty, staff and students will automatically receive texts

Mar 14, 2024

Beginning March 28, all Indiana University students, faculty and staff on all campuses will begin receiving IU Notify messages on their mobile devices registered with IU.

IU Notify is the university’s mass communication tool that provides essential information including class cancellations or delays and emergency alerts about immediate dangers like severe weather or hostile intruders.

IU Notify alerts the university community to immediate dangers or threats and provides gu... IU Notify alerts the university community to immediate dangers or threats and provides guidance that can increase your safety in an emergency. Graphic by Cheryl Wagner, IU Public Safety

“Our top priority is the safety of the Indiana University community, and receiving IU Notify text messages is the quickest way to receive official university information during an emergency on your campus,” said Hannah Skibba, the public information officer for IU Public Safety.

Currently, all IU employees and students automatically receive email messages through IU Notify, but opting in for text messages required manually choosing the feature on One.IU.

“We’re excited to transition to a system where the university community automatically receives text alerts,” Skibba said. “Having IU Notify texts increases awareness of situations where you may need to take action to stay safe, and it’s also more convenient. In the current system, you must opt in to receive text messages, but now we’ve eliminated that extra step for users.”

If you’ve already opted in to receive IU Notify alerts through a text on your phone, there’s nothing you need to do. However, you should update IU Notify settings if you have a new phone number where you’d prefer to receive alerts.

IU Notify also allows you to choose to receive alerts for more than one IU campus, and you can opt in to get messages on additional cell phones. You can also opt out of all IU Notify text messages by responding with the word “Stop” or by adjusting your settings on One.IU; however, this will opt users out of all future alerts that share critical information.

“Opting out increases your risk of not receiving the information you need in an emergency,” Skibba said. “We encourage students and employees to remain opted in to receive alerts for their primary campus to stay in the know.”


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Mary Keck

Communications Manager, Public Safety

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