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Cody Kirkpatrick
IU Bloomington

Cody Kirkpatrick

Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Expert Bio

Cody Kirkpatrick is a lecturer in atmospheric science. His research focuses on extreme weather phenomena, including hurricanes, thunderstorms and tornadoes. By studying the behavior of these storms — how they develop, how they move and the ways in which they cause damage — we can improve weather forecasts and provide more advance warning of their impacts.

As a lecturer, Kirkpatrick teaches a range of graduate and undergraduate courses. In 2015, he won the IU Trustee Teaching Award, and he has received grants from the IU Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning to conduct research on classroom teaching best practices.

Areas of Expertise

Meteorology/atmospheric science, weather forecasting, atmospheric hazards, severe weather, tornadoes, hurricanes, winter weather, mid-latitude cyclones, blizzards, heavy rainfall, climate and climate change, climate trends in severe weather.