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IU Bloomington

Dorainne Green

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Expert Bio

Dorainne Green is an assistant professor in psychological and brain sciences. Green’s research interests center broadly on understanding and addressing the factors that contribute to social inequality by focusing on social identity threat – i.e., instances where individuals feel like one or more of their social identities may be devalued or disrespected. A primary interest of her research is the identification of strategies to help members of socially stigmatized groups manage the challenges of navigating diverse spaces, including those most likely to trigger social identity threat.

Specifically, her work investigates how threats to social identity including group-based discrimination and stereotype threat shape cognitive, psychological, behavioral and physiological outcomes that, in turn, have implications for disparities in many life domains including education and health.

Areas of Expertise

Social identity threat, discrimination, coping with stigma, emotion regulation, intergroup interactions, health disparities.

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