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Teddie Phillipson-Mower

College of Arts and Sciences Office of Science Outreach; Dean’s Office

Expert Bio

Teddie Phillipson-Mower is the associate director of the Office of Science Outreach. She received her master’s degree in biology from IU Bloomington in 2001 and her Ed.S. from the IU School of Education in 2015. She has written/presented research on intellectual and ethical development and its relationship to understanding the nature of science, environmental science and education, and service learning. Phillipson-Mower ran the secondary science education program at the IU School of Education as a visiting instructor. She is a former assistant professor at the University of Louisville, where she was also the director of the Center for Environmental Education. Prior to her graduate work, she was a high school biology teacher at Terre Haute South Vigo High School as well as schools in Minnesota and Michigan.

Areas of Expertise

IU College of Arts and Sciences Office of Science Outreach events and projects, College undergraduate science research (STARS, IFLE and other groups), IU College Undergraduate Science Research Peer Mentors, College Faculty Broader Impacts - Broader Participation - and Engagement (including Anchor Projects), Foundations in Science and Math (College support side), intellectual and ethical development of science undergraduates, science education and communication.

Other Information

The Office of Science Outreach is also involved in Science Fest, Indiana Junior Academy of Science competition, Indiana State Science Olympiad, development and implementation of science engagement anchor projects, and IU Bloomington campus as a learning laboratory (tours for school groups and the general public). The office will also participate in IU Bloomington’s presence in the 2017 solar eclipse (first day of classes fall 2017, PREP (Pre-College Research Experience Program), Project STEM (also a pre-college research experience program), and many other projects and programs.

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