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Rick Van Kooten

Office of the Vice Provost for Research

Expert Bio

Rick Van Kooten is professor of elementary particle physics (experimental) in the Department of Physics at IU Bloomington. He received a B.S. from University of Toronto in 1984 and a Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1990. Van Kooten’s primary research interests include the study of particles containing b quarks and searches for new particles not described by the current Standard Model, such as those predicted by Supersymmetry and the “missing link” of the Standard Model: the Higgs boson. Van Kooten works on the D0 Collaboration and the ATLAS Collaboration. He became vice provost for research in 2015.

Areas of Expertise

Research directions at IU Bloomington; collaborative, interdisciplinary research opportunities for IU Bloomington faculty, such as new Emerging Areas of Research program; participation of IU Bloomington faculty in IU Grand Challenges initiatives; research centers at IU Bloomington; research trends; research priorities; also a particle physicist.

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