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Marissa Moorman

Department of History and Department of Cinema and Media Studies

Expert Bio

Historian Marissa Moorman’s work looks at different media and how their uses, the practices and meanings people generate around them, and their relationship to power shift over time. Whether music, radio, film or photography (sound or visual), she is interested in questions of mediation of presents that become pasts and the past as a discipline of study.

Moorman has published on music, fashion, film, radio and urban space. She serves on the editorial collective of the Radical History Review and on the editorial board of Africa Is a Country, “the blog that’s not about famine, Bono, or Barack Obama.”

Areas of Expertise

Africa: history, media, cinema, popular culture (music, dance, fashion); books and articles on Angolan music and politics, history of radio and the state in Angola; African cinema.

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