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Alicia Kozma 2021
IU Bloomington

Alicia Kozma

IU Cinema

Expert Bio

Alicia Kozma is the director of Indiana University Cinema, an art house cinema dedicated to using film and cinema studies for intellectual development and cultural enrichment. An educator, writer and researcher, she focuses on practical and interventional analyses on the labor of underrepresented populations in the entertainment industries, with a particular focus on gendered labor in the neo-art house and below the line production workers.

Kozma also works on evaluations of emerging media technologies on the business of theatrical distribution and exhibition business particularly focused on the impacts on independent theaters. She is the author of “The Cinema of Stephanie Rothman: Radical Acts in Filmmaking” and co-author of “Refocus: The Films of Doris Wishman.” She is a steering committee member of the Union for Democratic Communication and a member of the Art House Convergence Board of Directors.

Areas of Expertise

Theatrical distribution and exhibition, women in film, female directors, women and labor in film, movie theaters and moviegoing, horror films, film as business/industry.

Other Information

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