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IU Bloomington

Keitlyn Alcantara

Department of Anthropology

Expert Bio

Keitlyn Alcantara is an anthropological bioarchaeologist in the Department of Anthropology at Indiana University Bloomington. Her work is centered on foodways as tools of empowerment. Melding bioarchaeological dietary isotope analyses and ethnographic interviews, her current research contextualizes food sovereignty movements in Late Postclassic and contemporary Tlaxcala, Mexico.

As a Mexican American, she is also interested in the ways food is tied to memory, identity, and homeland among Latinx immigrants in the United States and working with the land to develop embodied pedagogies of self-decolonization.

Areas of Expertise

Food sovereignty, community-based research, Latinx diaspora, colonization, archaeology, paleodiet, Mesoamerica, foodways, food inequity food sovereignty, evolution of human food systems, food culture.

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