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Justina Licata
IU East

Justina Licata

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Expert Bio

Justina Licata is an assistant professor of U.S. history at Indiana University East. Her research, which examines the first subdermal implantable contraceptive device, Norplant, explores the history of population control, reproductive justice and social policies in the 1990s.

Licata teaches courses focused on U.S., women’s, African American and reproductive health history. She has also created several podcast series, including “Choice or Coercion: The Biography of Norplant,” “A Step Toward Justice” and “The Stories We Tell: A History Podcast.

Areas of Expertise

Reproductive justice, reproductive health, feminism, history of eugenics, 1990s social policies, population control politics, birth control, abortion access.

Other Information