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Nana Gletsu Miller
IU Bloomington

Nana Gletsu Miller

School of Public Health

Expert Bio

Nana Gletsu Miller is an associate professor in the Department of Applied Health Science in the School of Public Health-Bloomington. The vision of her research program is to evaluate nutritional solutions to promote the health of individuals undergoing clinical management of obesity and diabetes.

One focus of her research is developing effective and safe diet and supplemental strategies for improving nutritional outcomes following bariatric surgery. A separate research program focuses on prevention of youth-onset type 2 diabetes in adolescents who have obesity and prediabetes. 

Gletsu Miller modifies nutritional status via diet and nutritional supplement interventions, and she assesses nutritional status using state of the art anthropometry, biochemical, clinical and dietary methods.

She earned a Ph.D. in nutrition and metabolism from the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada.

Areas of Expertise

Nutrition, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, diet.