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James Brown
IU Bloomington

James Brown

School of Social Work

Expert Bio

James Brown is an associate professor in the IU School of Social Work. As a public school social worker for 13 years, he worked in both evaluating and providing special services to vulnerable children and youths ages 5 to 21. 

Brown used adventure-based group work as a tool to help students see their strengths and work on limitations. His work outside of practice examines parents reporting bullying at school and how school officials respond. He has published on the experiences of parents, principals and bus drivers in addressing bullying.

He has created an online prevention/intervention tool with diverse narrators to choose from to help youths make choices regarding the role they find themselves playing (e.g., bully, victim, bystander). He also conducts bully prevention program evaluations to examine their effectiveness and determine where changes need to be made.

Areas of Expertise

Public schools: School safety and planning, bully prevention and intervention, school discipline, conflict resolution, adventure-based group work.

Other Information

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