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Babak Seradjeh
IU Bloomington

Babak Seradjeh

Department of Physics

Expert Bio

Babak Seradjeh is a professor of physics at Indiana University, joining IU in 2011 after postdoctoral fellowships at the University of British Columbia and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His research is focused on the theoretical study and understanding of quantum many-body phases that are realized in and out of equilibrium, in particular, when electrons are subjected to external periodic forces such as strong lasers. This is a bit like playing ping pong with electrons to form novel electronic arrangements.

Of equal interest are the realization as well as novel uses of such phases, both in materials and synthetic systems, that could lead to breakthrough technologies. For example, in recent years, graphene and other materials have been shown to host exotic physics previously thought to only exist either in the large-scale fabric of cosmos or in the subatomic space roamed by elementary particles. This is an exciting era in the sciences that study the physics of such materials, in particular condensed matter physics, atomic physics and quantum information.

Areas of Expertise

Physics, condensed matter physics, quantum dynamics, information and foundations.