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Patrick Motl
IU Kokomo

Patrick Motl

School of Sciences

Expert Bio

Patrick Motl is a professor of physics and associate dean in the School of Sciences at IU Kokomo and director of the IU Kokomo Observatory. His research focuses on the study of compact objects through numerical simulations.

Compact objects are small, dense stellar remnants, such as neutron stars or white dwarf stars, that if left on their own would be nearly invisible due to their small size. However, in many cases, these dead stars reveal themselves through interactions with their environment, often though interacting with a partner star in a binary system.

Motl is a member of the American Astronomical Society, the American Physical Society, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific American Association of Physics, and the Teachers Indiana Academy of Science.

Areas of Expertise

Astronomy, physics, astrophysics, compact objects, neutron stars, white dwarves, black hole mergers.

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