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Isak Asare
IU Bloomington

Isak Asare

Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies

Expert Bio

Isak Asare is the co-director of the Cybersecurity and Global Policy Program, the executive director at the IU Cybersecurity Clinic and a fellow at the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research. His work and research are at the intersection of emerging technologies and policy.

He has advised national and local governments on the strategic, cultural, and leadership opportunities and challenges from digital transformation and artificial intelligence. For example, he co-authored the first city-led AI strategy in the United States, co-authored Mexico’s National AI Strategy, co-founded the U.K. cross-governmental community of practice on AI, and worked on the OECD playbook on ICT procurement.

Asare was co-founder of Fairframe, an award-winning startup that uses natural language processing and machine learning to identify implicit gender bias in text. (The company was acquired by Aleria Research Corp. in 2022).

The IU Cybersecurity Clinic leverages Indiana University’s strong tradition of cybersecurity leadership to improve the cybersecurity posture of low-resourced communities and organizations. The clinic has worked with municipalities, nonprofits, school corporations and small businesses across the Midwest and beyond.

Areas of Expertise

Ethics of artificial intelligence, AI governance, AI for education, responsible AI, cybersecurity policy, global policy for emerging technologies, multistakeholder governance, DEI.