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Kimberly Rosvall

The College of Arts and Sciences, Biology

Expert Bio

Kimberly Rosvall is an associate professor in the department of biology in The College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University Bloomington. She is also affiliated with IU’s internationally-recognized Program in Animal Behavior.

Rosvall’s overarching research goal is to understand behavior in wild animals and why it varies within and among species. She has pioneered the true integration of how and why questions in animal behavior, combining muddy boots field biology with endocrinology and genomics. Recently, she applied these tools to a new combination of age-old and emerging questions that extend her work into behavioral evolution among bird species, stress resilience, and the physiological mechanisms that facilitate these phenomena. Current projects address: (1) How does natural selection build a complex trait like behavior? And, (2) Is behavior really on the front line of responding to novel environmental challenges?

Rosvall received her PhD in Biology from Duke University, and her undergraduate degree in Biology from UCLA.

Areas of Expertise

animal behavior, bird, hormones, aggression, climate change, heat, eclipse, genomics, evolution, behavioral ecology

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