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Zachary Schlader

School of Public Health - Bloomington

Expert Bio

Zachary Schlader is an associate professor in the School of Public Health - Bloomington. His research interests involve identifying the implications of thermal stress (i.e., heat, cold, humidity) and other related stressors (e.g., dehydration, hypoxia) on integrative physiology. In laboratory-based studies, the overarching goals of his research are twofold - (1) Understand and mitigate deleterious effects of environmental stressors on health-related outcomes; and (2) Identify and harness health benefits associated with acute or chronic exposures to extreme environments.

His current research foci include - (a) Understanding the mechanisms of autonomic and behavioral thermoregulation during exercise and/or heat exposure; (b) Examining the impact of heat exposure, dehydration and/or exercise on renal function and injury; and (c) Elucidating adaptations to diving related environmental exposures. His team conducts these studies in younger and older adults, and with relevance to other at-risk populations (e.g., military, manual laborers, etc.). The overarching goal of their research is to generate knowledge that translates to improvements in health and safety in occupational and military settings, and during extreme weather events (e.g., heat waves).

Areas of Expertise

Heat impact on human body, environmental stressors on health-related outcomes, health benefits associated with acute or chronic exposures to extreme environments

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