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IU Southeast

Kagna Sampson

Department of Chemistry

Expert Bio

Kagna Ouch Sampson has been a full-time chemistry lecturer at IU Southeast since 2015; her teaching interests include non-major and major science chemistry I and II with the laboratory, and upper-level inorganic chemistry. Her specific areas of interest include carbon-sulfur bond formation/cleavage reactions of metal-stabilized thiyl radicals by electrochemical and chemical methods.

Sampson received her Ph.D. in 2012 from University of Louisville under the direction of Craig A. Grapperhaus. She became an adjunct instructor of chemistry at Indiana University Southeast in 2012 and was selected as a visiting lecturer of inorganic chemistry in 2014 until her promotion to full-time lecturer in 2015.

Areas of Expertise

Inorganic chemistry and general chemistry.