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Vincent Bouchard
IU Bloomington

Vincent Bouchard

College of Arts and Sciences/Department of French and Italian

Expert Bio

Vincent Bouchard is an assistant professor of Francophone studies at Indiana University Bloomington. After a double-program within the Film Studies Department at the Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III) and the Comparative Literature Department at the University of Montreal, he taught in the Francophone Studies Program at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

He published a book, “Pour un cinéma léger et synchrone à Montréal!” (Septentrion University Press, 2012). He also co-directed an issue of the scientific journal Cinémas (Le bonimenteur et ses avatars, Cinémas, 2010) and the book “Dialogues du cinema” (Nota Bene, 2016).

Areas of Expertise

Media, cinema, literature, telephone, cultural studies, popular cultures, reception, technical and cultural aspects of film studies, Francophone cultures in West Africa (Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso) and North America (Quebec, Acadia, Louisiana), audiovisual mediation of speech and gesture.

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