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Phil Schuman

Office of Financial Literacy

Expert Bio

Phil Schuman serves as director of financial literacy at Indiana University and as co-chair of the Higher Education Financial Wellness Summit. Schuman helped establish the Office of Financial Literacy, which has contributed to student debt reduction at IU by 17 percent ($112.8 million) since 2012. He created student peer-to-peer financial education, the website, and other tools to help students make informed financial decisions. He also co-founded MoneySmarts U, an interactive financial education platform providing financial education to students across the United States. Schuman earned a B.A. in psychology from DePauw University and an MBA from Indiana University.

Areas of Expertise

Financial education, financial wellness, financial literacy, budgeting, budget, credit, debt, student debt, financial aid, loan repayment, paying for college, debt repayment, college savings, credit cards, credit scores, financial planning.

Other Information

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